Silo Access to Calumet Creek

Enjoy the beauty of Silo Access Area as you launch your boat at the launch ramp.  Paddle downstream to Calumet Creek, across to Middleton Island, and return to Silo Access by paddling upstream. 

MDC Calumet Creek Access to Silo Access

This trip will take you up river to explore Calumet Creek, Silo Access Area and the Pharrs Island complex.  Pharrs island has numerous backwater areas within the island interior for paddlers to explore.  This paddle will take 3 to 4 hours and will require a short shuttle back to your vehicle. 

Louisiana to MDC Calumet Creek Access

This trip will take you on an adventure down river ending midway between Louisiana and Clarksville.  This paddle includes visits to Noix Creek, Illinois Slough, and Paddlers Pass.  The paddle will take  between 4 and 5 hours.  Put in at the Louisiana Riverfront. 

Louisiana Riverfront to Salt River

Trip Length: ## Paddle upstream staying close to the Missouri shoreline to the Salt River.  Explore this beautiful Mississippi River tributary before returning to the Louisiana Riverfront.  Put in at the Louisiana Riverfront.